What Is Vaccine Cloud and Is It The Right Vaccine Management Solution For You?

The impact of the pandemic is felt daily in the world of business. Many companies are adjusting to a new landscape, one that obligates them to ensure employee safety and avoid costly shutdowns.

One major step forward was the introduction of COVID vaccines. While we’ve seen promising signs of improvement so far, tracking the vaccine rollout is far from simple. Because of this, many companies in need of vaccine management services have turned to new technologies. In this article, you’ll have a chance to learn about Vaccine Cloud and whether or not Salesforce vaccine management will be a good fit for your business.

What is Vaccine Cloud?

Vaccine Cloud is a cloud-based service dedicated to managing vaccine administration in the age of COVID-19. It was introduced by Salesforce (the world’s largest CRM platform behind products like Slack and Work.com) in early 2021, while coronavirus vaccines started to roll out across the United States.

This Salesforce vaccine management system aims to provide a broad range of vaccine services to businesses and other organizations. 

Pros and Cons

Salesforce vaccine management might sound like the right choice for your organization, but you’ll need to consider all your options before choosing a vaccine service provider. As part of this, you’ll want to gain a solid understanding of this service’s pros and cons.


  • Unlike health management systems created before the pandemic began, Vaccine Cloud was designed with COVID-19 in mind. That means it is much more flexible than legacy systems and offers a broader range of services to its users.
  • Salesforce also built Vaccine Cloud on its Customer 360 data platform. If your business already uses other services using this platform, it may be easier to incorporate Vaccine Cloud into your existing workflow.
  • Along with Vaccine Cloud for Organizations, Vaccine Cloud is available to organizations in the public sector and healthcare providers.


  • Some of Vaccine Cloud’s competitors offer features it doesn’t. For example, due to the complicated nature of the vaccine rollout, it’s a good idea for vaccine management systems to be part of a universal medical ecosystem. While a few other apps in this field, such as ConfirmD, can make this claim, Vaccine Cloud can’t.
  • Salesforce vaccine management also lacks crucial security features, such as biometric ID verification. 
  • Unlike many of its competitors, Vaccine Cloud doesn’t offer personalized, universal QR codes for vaccine results.
  • Perhaps the biggest concern regarding Vaccine Cloud is its lack of connections to the healthcare world. Health experts didn’t design the service, and it doesn’t include verification of results by healthcare professionals.

Finding the Right Vaccine Management Solution For Your Company

While Vaccine Cloud is enough for some, if factors like security and healthcare knowledge are high priorities for your organization, you may want to keep looking.

Designed by health experts, ConfirmD is the go-to turnkey enterprise COVID-19 solution that can be implemented for you in a matter of days and allows for tests to be conducted and results monitored and tracked all in one ecosystem.

Why Choose ConfirmD? 

  • Easy Implementation– With ConfirmD you’ll be fully functional in days. 
  • Cuts Across Silos– The data isn’t limited to one department or component of your business. 
  • Lab Agnostic– ConfirmD accepts any data from any lab. 
  • Data Access– A desktop web app that has a customizable enterprise dashboard providing test results, vaccine status, etc.
  • Universal QR Code– Any cell phone can access data

Regain the autonomy your company had before COVID-19 arrived. The team at ConfirmD is ready to help you mitigate risk exposure while you keep your business open and comply with the new OSHA mandate in effect.

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