BuddyCheque’s New Partnership with the International Public Safety Data Institute Supports Your Safe Access to Public Spaces

ConfirmD App Now Bolstered by Industry Leader in Public Safety Data Analytics

BuddyCheque has partnered with the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI) to provide individuals and enterprises with an extra level of protection from Covid-19 through real-time analysis of health data.

IPSDI is an industry leader in leveraging data science for public safety, providing data driven solutions to first responders across the nation. Their platforms, FireCARES and NFORS, are used nationally by first responder departments to analyze response capability, effectiveness, and resource usage, increasing safety for first responders and their communities. This partnership will combine IPSDI’s expertise in data analytics for public safety with BuddyCheque’s health information management app, ConfirmD.

The ConfirmD app equips users with a platform to record, verify, and share their Covid-19 health information. Users can upload COVID-19 tests, both viral (PCR/Antigen) and antibody (Kit/Blood Serology), that are authenticated by a medical professional. Upon verification, the app provides users with a secure QR code, facilitating quick and easy sharing of health information to increase safe access to entertainment venues, restaurants, workplaces, and more.

ConfirmD™ is also available for enterprises, providing employers and emergency response departments with a dashboard of health data to ensure the safety of employees and  associates. Data driven health decisions create a culture of responsibility, helping to protect all of those involved.

ConfirmD offers individuals a framework for resuming day-to-day life, allowing them to leverage their test results to access stores, restaurants, their places of work, and more. By using up-to-date health information, decision makers provide a safe and responsible return to work for their employees using the app.

COVID-19 and related shutdowns have tested the resilience of communities across the nation. By creating a digital community of responsible users, ConfirmD is set to increase access to public spaces and maintain business continuity, without sacrificing safety. Leveraging personal health data offers individuals and businesses a seamless and secure way to adapt to the new normal.

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